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Uploading Multiple Prices

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Uploading Multiple Prices

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Follow the instructions on this page ONLY if you are using different prices for Alibris or other services.  If you are using the same prices for all services, these instructions do not apply.



1. Markup of Current Records using an Action Hit List
Click on the Hit Lists Tab on the left side of your screen in Inventory. Click New. Click OK. You will be on the Hit List setup form as shown below.

Step 1
As shown below, set your Search Field to Status; the Search Criteria will default to AVAILABLE. (You can add other fields to search on to qualify the records you want to work with.)

Click the Execute button below, wait for the globe to stop spinning. You will be in List View when the Hit List has been created. Verify you have the correct data. If so, click the Hit List tab on the left.

Step 2. Click on the Action Tab and you will see the form below. Set up the Action Query by clicking on Multiply in the Action frame, select Retail to multiply, select Store to ‘Put Result In’, type in 1.25 in the Multiply By field. Or use whatever markup you want. Pay careful attention to this, it is not easy to reverse.

Click the Execute button. Wait for the globe to stop spinning. Answer Yes to the Question. Wait for the Globe to stop spinning again.

When this is done you will be in List View. Click on the Hit List button at the top to get out of Hit List mode.

2. Markup of Retail Price for Future Data Entry
In order to upload on a daily basis a price that is 25% higher than the Retail price you need to change the settings in Options.
Tools > Options > Sales will bring up the Options form:
Set the Store Markup at 1.25 X Retail. This will automatically markup the Store price during data Entry. You must have your Tab Order set in Tools > Options > Tab Order to have Retail precede Store. You also need to make sure 'Use Markup Factor' is checked. Look down at the bottom right of this form, make sure ‘Use Markup Factor’ is checked. Close the Options form.

3. Export Setup (For, go Here)
File > Export > UIEE/Online to display the Export Form:

Click the Export Setup button to display this form: 

Select, in the second row: Store_Price in the Dropdown field. Type into the field to the right C:\BTPRO\Transfer\Alibris_1.txt as seen above. Close this form, and close the Export form. (You can use a different name than Alibris_1.txt)

4. Online Setup of Alibris or any other service. 

Click the Online button at the top of Inventory.

For a New Service: Click the New Service button at the bottom left of the Online Control Panel page.

Select the service name you want to add.

If you are editing an existing service then select that service by clicking the gray square to the left of the service and then clicking the Edit Service button.

Click Next. This brings you to the Account page.
Fill out the Account page (if necessary) according to the setup instructions here:
When you are done, click the Test button. If you get anything other than "Host found. Test Passed." then there is something wrong with your setup. See Online Service wizard instructions for each service. Click Next.

Change the text that is selected to Alibris_1.txt, or, if it isn't present, type in in. Or else change or type in the filename you set up in File > Export.
Click the Finish button. Now Alibris should show up in the Online Services Grid with the FileName of Alibris_1.txt 

Uncheck all of your active services except for Alibris, click the Process and Upload Records button, and upload your new file to Alibris. When the upload is complete, make sure to check all of the services you currently use for future uploads.

You are now set up to automatically markup your Retail price and upload this data to Alibris.

5. Verify your changes. 

Click the Hit Lists tab on the left. Click New, OK. Under Search field select Status. Below that click into the field and select the Price field you just made your changes to. If Store then select Store, if Dealer then select Dealer. Across from the Price field, under Search Criteria, type in a price that reflects the lowest you want to list books at. (5.00) Then, under Search type, select Less than or Equal to.

Click Execute. Look at the results. If you see prices that are lower than you expect, go back and repeat the steps above that did not work the first time.


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