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   Keyboard Shortcut Keys
F1 Context-Sensitive Help. Ctrl-C Copy selected text.
F2 Edit Record Ctrl-D Duplicate Entire Current Record. Works in Browse (Detail View) and New Record modes. 
F3 New Record/Next Record Ctrl-K Kill AutoEdit in current field. Will resume effect in next field.
F4 Open Field Pick Lists (Any drop-down list box in program) Ctrl-L Set selected text to Lowercase.
F5 Set Show Records Option Ctrl-M Disable Mc and Mac text handling.
F6 Set Sort Records Option Ctrl-R Copy data from previous Field. The Source Record will be the current Record # - 1.
F7 When in the Inventory Detail View, this will bring up the Add to Category Window. Ctrl-S Spell Check in Defects, Features or Notes.
Field Sizes for Ctrl-T are as follows;
Author, Title or Subtitle: 255 characters.
Defects, Features or Notes: 65,536 characters
Ctrl-T In New Record or Edit Record mode opens up a text window in Author, Title, Subtitle, Defects, Features or Notes. Text field can be set to whatever size you want. Tab or Enter closes the form and returns you to the original field. Tab or Enter then exits the field so AutoEdit (if turned on) can operate.
F9 Takes you to Orders. N to create a new Invoice. Ctrl-U Set selected text to Uppercase.
F10 Use Menu Ctrl-V Paste text into field.
F11 Find  Ctrl-Z Undo text changes in a field.
F12 Save Record


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