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Error Message

I sent an Error message from within the program and haven't heard anything back yet.  Should I be expecting a response?

Installation File

I cannot find the installation file I just downloaded.  I have no idea where the BTSetup.exe file is located on my computer. Help!!!

Sample Files

I just deleted all the Sample Files on the program so that my database would be empty, but now BookTrakker has stopped running.  What should I do?

Send DB Icon

Can I send my backup files, using Send DB, without using the Send DB icon?
I recently started using a new computer and now the Send DB icon is gone.  How can I get the icon back on my desktop?


  Error Message Response
    If you haven't heard from Support, it may be that we did not receive your email address.  Add your email address to User Info under Help in the top Menu Bar of the program, even if you are using the Free Trial or BookTrakker FREE, and your email address will automatically be included in any error messages you send to us.  

If your User Info does not contain your email address, you need to include it with your message. If you have registered your copy of the program or did remember to include your email address when you sent an Error Message and still did not hear back from us go to Support for more information.

  Cannot find installation file.
The BT31Setup.exe file is automatically saved to a folder (named BT31Setup.exe) on the C drive on your computer, unless you have assigned it to a different drive. 

If you inadvertently or intentionally saved it to a different drive and do not remember where it is located, here is how to search for the file on your computer:

First click Start on the bottom menu on your computer screen.  Next, click "Search" or "Find." Select "For Files or Folders" or "Files or Folders," and follow instructions.  When asked for the file name, type in BT31Setup.exe and click Search.  After the file is found, select the file and double-click on it to start installation.
  Deleted Sample Files - BookTrakker stopped running
BookTrakker V3.1 will not run if the database is empty, which can be the case for NEW USERS and does NOT APPLY to current users who have their own data in BookTrakker. If you have deleted Sample Records and the program is not running, you need to Replace Sample Files with a small file containing one new replacement record - see instructions on the Known Issues and Fixes page. This extra step will get the program running again. 
  Send Backup files without using Send DB icon
Yes.  Click on Start on the bottom menu on your computer.  Select Programs in the list, then BookTrakker, then click SendDB to start sending the backup files.

  Replace Send DB icon
Start off by minimizing all your programs so you are looking at your desktop, which displays your shortcut icons.  Click on Start on the bottom menu on your computer.  Select Programs in the list, then BookTrakker.  Locate SendDB but do not click it or you will start sending your database. (If you accidentally start to send your database, just click Cancel.)

Instead, RIGHT-CLICK on Send DB, which opens another list, and select Send To, then select Desktop (create shortcut), or the option with similar verbiage.  You should now have a new SendDB icon on your desktop. On my computer the new icon is labeled SendDB (2).

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