How to Buy and Register BookTrakker 
How to Buy BookTrakker
Use one of these two methods to purchase a BookTrakker Edition.
Buy Now - Start in BookTrakker   Buy Now - Start on Website
Starting the process from within the BookTrakker program guarantees your Registration Code Request is already included with your order. You  may receive your Registration Code faster. Select Buy Program & Licenses link on the Home page and complete order online.

After completing order:
Connect to Internet. Connect to Internet.
Open BookTrakker. Open BookTrakker.
In top Menu Bar select Help, then User Info. In top Menu Bar select Help, then User Info.
Fill out User Info form. Fill out User Info form.
Click the Buy or Upgrade Now button; this website will automatically open to a link to the Buy Now page. Click Request Reg Code button.

Automatic Registration after Payment Processing

*BookTrakker FREE Edition: payment and registration are not required.

Registration Code
The Registration Code is issued within 24 to 48 hour after payment is processed and is automatically entered into BookTrakker when you restart your program.    

How to know when Registration Code has arrived:

While connected to the Internet, restart BookTrakker at least once a day to enable your program to acquire the new code. When your program has received the Registration Code, you will see a Message Box to that effect appear on your screen when you restart BookTrakker.  When you receive this notification, Registration is complete and the Registered Code has been automatically entered.

How to verify and determine which Registered Edition you have:
The blue bar at the utmost top of your BookTrakker screen displays your registered Edition and Version number. 

Registering BookTrakker on multiple computers:
Request Reg Code must be done for each computer you have BookTrakker installed on. After purchase you can click on Request Reg Code. You do not have to purchase for each computer. If you purchased the Network Edition then Network will be enabled through the Registration Code.

*If you do not yet own BookTrakker then an incoming request for the Registration Code will be ignored. 


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