BookTrakker Pro 3.0 – 3.7 Release Notes


These release notes list new and enhanced features, usability improvements, and bug fixes.


What’s New in BookTrakker v3.7 – Second  Release – September 2018


·         BookTrakker Features

o    Enabled Internal Help to work again. Needs updating.

o    Added full support for Amazon Shipping Templates including Hit List operation (Removed old fields and check boxes)

o    Added Default Setting for Amazon Services in Tools > Options to set all New Records to upload to Amazon.

o    Consolidated Amazon Defaults onto separate form in Tools > Options

o    Added popup notification when ISBN is not found on Amazon during data entry.

o    Added popup notification when Amazon account is suspended, blocking ISBN lookup or uploads to Amazon.

o    Added an Upload button to List View to display Records Set for Upload

o    Fixed error in Defects and Features causing loss of first record when typing “.

o    Instituted backup upon confirmation for every 5th program closing.

o    Fixed popup Copy Previous Record message to default to No

o    Removed check Internet Connection in Tools > Options > Online

o    Fixed Tab Order issues

o    Fixed Source/Shelved Display issue on the Keywords tab

o    Added Quick Search to Find for Available Records, runs as a Hit List on Author, Title, Publisher or Illustrator.

o    Removed Overwrite and Zip check boxes in Online

o    Added Upload Failure Notification to Export Log – Failed service entry will be highlighted in Red.

o    Added Upload Failure Help button to Export Log

o    Added message box to alert users to when their computer date is in the future, preventing Amazon Lookup from working.

o    Set ISBN and ASIN field to automatically locate ISBN or ASIN in correct field.

o    ISBN 13 digit converted to 10 digit when available.

o    Minor bug fixes



·         CheckIt Features

o    Added support to download Shipping Templates and assign to Inventory Records



·         Grabit Features

o    Removed deprecated Amazon Shipping choices. Will update Shipping Templates later.


·         UploadIt

o    Updated Amazon Upload Templates to include Shipping Templates Support 

o    Added Delete Product and Listing capability for Amazon

o    Added Cassette to Cover/Type for Amazon matching.

o    Added LooseLeaf to cover for Amazon matching, matches on loose in Cover.


·         App Manager  Features

o    Added ScanIt/SellIt to App choices for when they are released.

o    Added ability to see and manage all computers in the user’s account (Computers/Network tab)

o    Added enhanced Networking capability to help set up Networking.

o    Enabled user control over deleting computers from their account when they are no longer in operation.

o    Added Amazon Inventory Import capability for new subscribers (Utilities tab Import Amazon Data)

o    Updated Quick Support on the Utilities tab, enabling faster and easier connections for Support

o    Eliminated pop up window from automatic update process.




What’s New in BookTrakker v3.7 – First Release – February 2013


·         BookTrakker Features

o    Added NDIA (No Dustjacket As Issued) to Dustjacket Condition

o    Fixed/Implemented Expedite Shipping Action Hit List.

o    Enabled restoration of original Status when cancelling book or invoice.

o    Minor bug fixes


·         Grabit Features

o    GrabIt can now automatically refresh BT Inventory (Experimental)


·         UploadIt

o    FTPS for Abebooks and Fillz  

o    Export of NDIA

o    Rename ABE upload files using unique name which addresses issues related to failed uploads that left a file with a prefix of ‘.in.’

on server which blocked further uploads of files with the same name.



What’s New in BookTrakker v3.6


·         BookTrakker Features

o    Added ISBN lookup: Tools > Options > ISBN

o    Simplified Amazon upload setup

o    Converted BookTrakker to subscription model

o    Moved ISBN check boxes to GrabIt, on the BookTrakker tab

·         CheckIt Features

o    CheckIt is now free for all Pro and Network issues

o    Moved Book Loader operations to UploadIt

o    Updated code to Amazon MWS


·         Grabit Features

o    Updated code to Amazon MWS


·         UploadIt

o    Added UploadIt to manage uploads

o    Added multiple image uploads to Amazon for Collectible sellers

o    Added Weight to the Book Loader upload       

·         BN uploader

o    Included as part of Pro or Network subscriptions

o    Added multiple image uploads to Amazon for Collectible sellers



What’s New in BookTrakker Pro v3.5


·         BookTrakker Features

o    Support for Fulfillment by Amazon.

o    Integration of B&N Uploader into the standard One-Click Upload process.

o    Additional Amazon shipping options.

o    Copy Record now copies Categories.

o    Full width logo on Invoice.

o    Support for UNC Path for Networked installations.

o    Added various list items such as Compiler in the Signed By dropdown list.

o    Expanded Hit List capabilities.

o    Expanded Invoice From label to 6 lines.

o    Enabled removal of colored lines in List View.

o    Added Address field 3 to New Customer form in Invoices.

o    Changed List View search box to ignore Articles (The, A, etc.).

o    Improved support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 including 64-bit versions.

o    Overhauled the Remote Site Data Entry system to allow for unique numbering.

o    Improved the Registration process.

·         CheckIt Features

o    Latest version is now shipped with BookTrakker Installation Package.


·         Grabit Features

o    Expanded Item Note field to 2000 chars.


·         Fixed Bugs

o    Various bugs were fixed and overall stability improved.



What’s New in BookTrakker Pro v3.4


·         BookTrakker Features

o    Amazon UK and CA support.

o    Single record ISBN Lookup.

o    Added Amazon ASIN Field

o    Set Price Sold to actual price on Invoice.

o    Customer Credit Card numbers are encrypted and password protected.

o    Find field can now be set to a default choice.

o    Upload selection for Hit Lists – Sets defined Hit List to Upload.

o    Process and Upload to one service only.

o    Label on Invoices can now be added to a queue to print them all on one sheet.

o    Append or Prepend data to fields via an Action Hit List.

o    Title and Subtitle are searched via Find: Title.

o    Reupload sold records via Action Hit List.

o    Added Weight field to database, uploads to all sites other than Amazon.

o    Added a Confirm Printing box when Print is clicked. Eliminates accidental printing.

o    Significantly improved Reports interface.

o    Re-enabled ability to sell by hit list using Sell Books Dialog Box.


·         Grabit Features

o    Import of files containing list of ISBNs.

o    Export ASINs and ISBNs to appropriate fields in BookTrakker.

o    Improved Pricing Controls

·         Fixed Bugs

o    Various bugs were fixed using new tracking system.



What’s New in BookTrakker Pro v3.3


·         BookTrakker Features

o    Mailing Labels

o    Email Customer from Contacts form

o    Invoice Logo

o    Invoice Header Suppression for Letterhead

o    ‘New’ in Book/DJ Field

o    Improved Importing of Data

o    Third Address Field in Contacts

o    Improved Emailing of Invoices

o    Use of Default Browser if not IE

o    Updated Service List

o    Added Online Export Menus to Online Module

o    Automated Program Registration Process

o    Trial Period Extension now possible

o    Hit Lists now support searching for empty fields

·         Grabit Features

o    Increased accuracy of Basin Matching

o    Reduced number of rejected records on Repricing and Lookup

o    Improved Pricing Controls

·         Fixed Bugs

o    Invoice Printing Improved

o    Amazon Upload Failure

o    Various Hit List bugs

o    Editing Amazon Online Service

o    Import bugs

o    Basin/ISBN Lookup


What’s New in BookTrakker Pro v3.2


·         GrabIt! is now a plug-in

·         Amazon Upload bug fixed

·         Item-Note now supports 1,000 Chars

·         UIEE Fields added

·         Added ‘Getting Started’ dialog at startup

·         Help Menu updated




What’s New in BookTrakker Pro v3.1


·         Amazon Online Service

o    Upload records to Amazon MarketPlace or zShops using BookTrakker’s One-Click Upload.  BookTrakker uploads files in Amazon’s tab-delimited upload
format including choices such as New, Used or Collectable, Expedite or International, MarketPlace or zShops and image link upload to Amazon. 

o    If MarketPlace is left unchecked on the Amazon tab, then Shipping and Handling amounts stated in the Price tab are automatically uploaded to zShops.

·         Import from Amazon Open Listings Report or Seller Engine Export Item Report

·         Collection Categories

o    The Catalog button at the bottom of Inventory Detail is renamed Category to distinguish it from the Catalog tab on the left side of the screen.  Click the
Category button to quickly assign the current inventory record to one or more Collection Categories (Hit Lists). 

·         Collection Category Selection List

o    Select which Category list you want to work with by clicking on the multiple dropdown listbox in the upper right-hand corner of the Inventory Detail View screen.
Select Show, Sort or Category. Then select the Category you want to work with.

·         Contact Data Export

o    Export contact data in tab-delimited (.txt) or comma-separated (.csv) file format and choose whether or not to enclose fields in quotes.  Six choices offered
for Address Source.

·         Database Backup Reminder

o    Every 5th time BookTrakker is opened and closed a form appears reminding you to back up your database. The automatic reminder can be turned off by
unchecking the Backup DB Reminder checkbox which can be found in Tools > Options menu under Program > Inventory.

·         Feature Enhancements and Usability Improvements

o    Sell Multiple Books – another method

·         In addition to clicking the Sell button and then simply typing in Record Numbers, a second method involving Re-clicking the Sell button saves the typing
in of Inventory Record Numbers. Click the Sell button to open the multiple books sold form.  Click the Sell button again and the record number of the
record you are viewing is automatically entered into the form.  While the form is still open, place the cursor in the Rec #  field and type in the number
of another book that needs to be marked Sold. Press Enter.  BookTrakker goes to that next record.  Click the Sell button again and the record being
viewed is added to the multiple books sold form.  Repeat procedure to continue adding Record #s. This method is useful if you want to avoid having to
type the record number or if you want to view the record before changing its Status to Sold. After entering all the record numbers of books that have Sold,
click Get Records, then click Mark Sold to change the status of those records to Sold.

o    Book ID (Category) Hit Lists are Editable

·         Limited editing capability has been added to the Category Hit Lists.  Execute the Category Hit List, select a record in the list, click Detail View tab to open
Inventory Details View.  Next click Edit.  After editing record, continue Editing other records by clicking Next Record.  When editing is finished, click Done. 
When you click Done, BookTrakker automatically updates the Hit List and closes the Hit List.  Click Execute to rerun and reopen the Hit List with the new changes.

o    Amazon Upload Status Page Button Added to Browser

·         Click the Browser button in the main menu bar, then click the a button in the sub-menu to open the Amazon Upload Status Page.

o    Zip Upload Files Restored

·         *Note:  Not all services accept Zip files.  Check if an Online Service accepts Zipped files before uploading.

·         Click the Online button in the top menu bar.  In the Online Services list section a new column Zip has been added. In the Zip column, click inside a
box next to an online service to insert a checkmark.  Zip files will be sent to those Online Services with a checkmark in the box in the Zip column.

o    Turn Off On-The-Fly Editing Option in Defects, Features and Notes

·         Turn off F4 editing options in Defects, Features and Notes [  Tools  >  Options  >  Program  >  Editing  >  uncheck the box for On the Fly Editing  ]. 
To turn them back on, simply recheck the box.

o    List View and Details View in Orders are now synchronized

·         Image URL Field

o    Adds an image URL into the ImgURL field under the Optional tab in Inventory Detail View.  The  ImgURL field can be added to the export fields.  Add a field in Export
Mapping by clicking in the blank field at the end of the list in Export Mapping.  Click the box that appears in the field to open a drop down field list, then select ImgURL
to add it to the list.

o    The link address in the Image URL field is created automatically when you scan in your image or resave an existing image. Set this up in Tools > Options > Online:
Image URL Prefix. Type in the complete URL for your hosting service and account and when you scan in an image BookTrakker will combine the two into the Image URL field.

·         Invoices - Email Invoice to Customer and Update/Edit Contact Information

o    Email an Invoice to a Customer for one or for multiple items sold and update/edit the customer’s Contact information during creation of Invoice using either the
View button or by opening Contacts.

o    Click the Email button in Orders Detail View to email the Invoice to the customer.

o    This works for Quotes, also.

·         Add Books from Inventory Detail View to Customer Invoice

o    Click the Orders button and select New to create a new invoice.

o    The background on the Orders button turns to green indicating that you are in Orders Edit Mode.  The New Order Record form immediately pops up presenting you
with a number of choices.  Select Invoice, then click OK to close the form.

o    After the form closes, a drop down list of Contacts appears in the right hand section of the Orders Detail screen.

o    In the blank field above the list of Contacts either start typing in the Customer’s name or select a Customer or click New in the Customer section to add a New Customer.

o    At this point, the Details screen in Orders is visible, the background of the Orders button is still green, and the customer’s information has been added to
Sold To and Ship To fields.

o    Leaving everything the way it is, click Inventory in the top menu bar to open Inventory Details.

o    To add an Inventory Record to an Invoice, change the record’s Status to Sold.

§  add a single Inventory Record to the Invoice using one of the following:

·         1) navigate to the record, hit the S key  (Ctrl-S for alphanumeric users) on the computer keyboard.  A form asks you to confirm that the record should
 be marked Sold.

·         2) navigate to the record, click the Sell button, then click the Sell button for a second time to add the Rec # of the book that will be marked Sold and
added to the Invoice.

·         3) or, on any record that appears on the screen, click the Sell button and type in the record number of the book that will be marked Sold and added
to the Invoice.

·         add multiple Inventory Records to an Invoice

·         select and repeat one of the methods described above

·         when all Inventory Records to be added to the Invoice have been marked Sold, click on the Orders button to return to the Invoice.


What’s New in BookTrakker Pro v3.0


·         AlphaNumeric Record Code

o    Numeric or AlphaNumeric Record Codes can be used in the Rec # field. To begin using AlphaNumeric Record Codes [ Tools  >  Options  >  Program  >  click the box
after Use Alpha Record Code to add a checkmark ].  Uncheck this box to return to using Numeric Record Codes.

·         Export Formats

o    Advanced and Pro and Network editions offer Auto Export and 3 additional catalog-based export formats:  HTML 3-column, HTML Catalog, and RTF Catalog. 

·         Feature Enhancements and Usability Improvements

o    AutoEdit Functions

o    Export Formats

o    Find/Replace Count

o    Improved performance and stability

§  The database engine was updated from Jet 3.51 to Jet 4, resulting in improved performance and stability within the program.

o    Lists for MultiUser Configurations

o    Network Performance

o    Online Internet Help

o    Online Service List Updates

o    Payment Types for Invoices

·         Inventory Quantity Field

o    A Quantity field has been added to the database and has been integrated into the Sales and Invoicing system so that the familiar shortcuts for selling books still work
but now take the Quantity into account.  Books are not marked SOLD until the Quantity drops to zero, and the record is uploaded again each time it is sold to ensure
a continuous presence until the Quantity drops to zero whereupon the book is removed from the Online Systems.

·         Multiple Book Sales Interface

o    Instead of creating a Hit List to sell multiple books, simply click the Sell button in the Inventory Detail View and enter Rec #s into a list form.  When finished, a Preview
button retrieves the books and switches to List View for verification.  When you are satisfied that the list looks good, one click on the Mark Sold button processes the
entire list of records automatically.   An entry is added to a daily House Invoice to keep a record of the sales.

·         Plugin Architecture

o    BookTrakker v3.0 accepts Plugins, add-on software modules that are purchased separately to add specific features or services. Plugins are being developed and will
be announced on the site as they become available.

·         Zero Price Checking

o    If you try to save an Inventory Record that shows a selling price of zero, a prompt message appears on your screen with the message, You have not entered a price.
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