Amazon Registration Instructions  

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If you want to do anything Amazon, including uploads or acquiring data form Amazon then you must have a Pro Merchant account at Amazon, and you need to have an Amazon service entry in the Online section of BookTrakker. If you are a previous user of BookTrakker that has updated an earlier version and already upload to Amazon then read IMPORTANT below, and if it doesn't apply go onto the next step. Otherwise:

Click the Online button at the top. The Online screen opens. Click the New Service button at the bottom left corner. (Do Not Edit an existing service into Amazon) Where it says Select or Type in New Service click the dropdown button on the right and select your Amazon service. Click Next, click Finish.  Then check the checkbox under Active where you see your Amazon service in the list of Online Services. This is important. Do not skip this step.

You can add one each of the different Amazon services if you also have separate Pro Merchant accounts for each. Close BookTrakker with the X in the upper right corner.

IMPORTANT: Only ONE Amazon per site entry is allowed. Only one instance of Amazon US and/or Amazon CA and/or Amazon UK. If you have more than one identical entry then determine which one is the correct one and delete the others. To delete rows select the row you want to delete by clicking on the gray square to the left of the service name so its highlighted, then press the Delete key on your keyboard. 

You MUST do this before the next step. 

Close BookTrakker


Register with Amazon MWS. You need to do this step even if you have previously registered with Amazon MWS as you need to get your use of BookTrakker registered for Amazon MWS also.

Double click the App Manager icon on your desktop to open it. It will load in the lower right corner of your taskbar, with a message asking you to click it to open. Do so.

App Manager opens. At the lower left is the Amazon MWS Seller Account Registration button. To the right is another button leading to online help for this if necessary. Click the Amazon MWS Seller Account Registration button. The AmazonMWS form appears. The selection defaults to Amazon US, if this is where you list click the Register with Amazon button at the bottom. Otherwise select a different Amazon and click the Register with Amazon button. (If you sell on multiple Amazon sites you have to do this for each service.)

The Sign in page opens up, fill in your Amazon email and password and click the Sign In button. The Amazon license page will open. Both check boxes on the left side need to be checked to go onto the next step. Reading the license/page is optional. Check the boxes, click Next.

A new page opens explaining that BookTrakker can now access Amazon. A success message pops up confirming this. Click the OK on the message, close the page and close the AmazonMWS form. (If you have more than one Amazon service then select it and click the Register with Amazon button at the bottom and repeat the registration.)

You are now registered with Amazon and can start using BookTrakker 3.7


ISBN lookup using Amazon data: Run BookTrakker. Open GrabIt on the plugins button at the top. Click the Settings tab. Select the Amazon service you want to use as your data source. Close Grabit.


Test the success of MWS Registration. Do a New Record. Click the Keywords tab. Type, copy or scan in an ISBN into the ISBN field on the left side of the Keywords tab. Press the Enter key on your keyboard. If you get data in Author/Title then the MWS Registration was successful. Click Cancel or continue data entry. 

Ignore Step 5 if you don't use or plan to use GrabIt.


Problem: GrabIt runs but does not operate correctly, such as data not transferring to BookTrakker. 

Make sure you have the current version of GrabIt. Open app Manager, click the blue button (Submit). You should see GrabIt in the table above.  CurrentVersion|InstalledVersion. If they match then you are up to date. If not then click the Download button and do the updates.