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Bookseller Subscription Rates
Collector Subscription Rates

Subscription charges will be posted to the subscription frame, upper right corner of App Manager along with your Automatic Renewal Date. Upon installation and selection of anything other than Trial or Free the Renew Date will be set to one month after installation and BookTrakker activation date.

All Apps must be installed and you must open BookTrakker for the Renew Date to be set.

If you initiate subscription payments before the 30 days run out your Renewal Date will advance by one month. Everyone gets 30 days free. 

If you are going to subscribe and the Renew Date is 2000 then do not initiate payment until this has been corrected. Running BookTrakker will usually fix this problem, if it doesn't then please contact us at 

We do not issue credits for incorrect subscription payments. We may adjust the Renew Date forward.

Very Important: If you need Amazon data or uploads be sure to read and do #'s 20,  21 and 22 after installation of BookTrakker/GrabIt is complete.

Amazon FBA or Merchant fulfilled sellers: Step 20 includes a link to instructions for importing your data from Amazon. Please finish all instructions on this page before importing your data.

If you plan install on more than one computer then use the same account for the additional computers. DO NOT create a new account for each computer. (If you create a new account for each additional computer you will be charged the full price for the additional computers, vs. the lower cost for the same account.) If you have more than one Amazon account then you will need a separate BookTrakker account for each Amazon account.

Install on the first computer and run BookTrakker before installing on additional computers for the same account. That way the additional computers will get the discounts rate for additional installations. 

Bookseller Subscription rates can be found at Subscription

Be sure to read and/or print or bookmark these instructions.

If BookTrakker does not run because of Error 339 then follow these directions to fix the problem. Repeated in Step 14.

There may be issues connected with download/installation of BookTrakker and its applications. To date we have been able to overcome them, see instructions below, especially Step 10, 20 and 23.


If you are an existing subscriber please ignore steps 1 to 7 and 20 to 23.

To start the download/installation/activation process click this link to go to:

It has been reported that some anti-virus programs interfere with installation. Kaspersky and Norton, so far. Turn them off during installation if they interfere.

You get to:


Registration page. Click “Create New Account”.


Fill in Email address, Password, Capcha, etc., (Passwords require at least 8 characters and one of them has to be a special character, such as @ or & or some other special character)  RECORD this information, you will need it later. 

Click Create User button. 

Caveat: Only one account per Email address. If by some chance two or more users attempt to create an account using the same email address the first will succeed, the others won't, and will have to use another email address. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Each account that subscribes to any Edition that involves payment will be charged that payment when the 30 day trial runs out. DO NOT create multiple accounts unless you are prepared to pay for them. 


Click Continue button on the Account Creation page. 

You get to the Login page.


Fill-in your Email address and Password. Click Log In.


BookTrakker Account Profile page: Fill out the BookTrakker Account Information page.


Click the appropriate button for what kind of user you are. (optional)


Click Submit.


On the new page notice at the bottom that you are issued a Computer Registration code. You will need this temporary code to register your computer after you download and install App manager. You can leave this page open or send the code to yourself via the email field. Click the Download App Manager button.

If you use Norton for anti-virus then find it in the lower right corner tray, right click on it and turn off Firewall and Anti-Virus for at least 15 minutes. This will allow the download/install of all apps.

Installation of App Manager

If you use Internet Explorer 8 or earlier for your browser then click Run to download, then click Run again and follow the directions for installation.

If you use Internet Explorer 9 for your browser on Windows 7 click Run, wait for the security scan to run, then click the Actions button and click Run anyway, then follow directions to install.

If you use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 click Save at the bottom of your screen. Then click Run. Windows Security will pop up, telling you it protected you from this file, with the last two words of the message being More Info. Click on More Info. Click Run anyway. 

If you are a Firefox user then click Save File. When the file has been saved in the Downloads window that pops up, double click on the BT_AppMgrSetup.exe file to install the App Manager. Follow directions for installation.

App Manager and BookTrakker requires the .NET 4.51 Client Profile be installed on your computer for each installation. You may already have this installed. If so then the App Manager will download and install. If not then the installer will download and install the .NET 4.51 Client Profile from Microsoft, and this may take a good while to install, upwards of 10 minutes, depending on your connection. (Much longer if you are on dial-up.) The App Manager installation will follow.


Computer Registration after installing App Manager

After installation is complete wait a bit for the BookTrakker Online Computer Registration form to appear. It may take a couple of minutes. This is how you add a computer to your account, and if you have other installations of BookTrakker you will have to do the same for them. Copy in the 12 digit Computer Registration code and click Send. A form will pop-up, computer registration Succeeded, followed by: Submitting and updating app list….

Make sure you use the Computer Registration Code you were issued on the App Manager Download page. 


After App Manager installs it will appear as an icon in the lower right side of your taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Double click to open it. Or double click the App Manager icon on your desktop. If App manager opens then go to Step 11.

If App Manager opens with blank choices in the Choose BookTrakker Edition frame then close the Messages window that opens. You may see it in your taskbar at the bottom or it may be on your screen. If you don't see it on your screen then it will be on the taskbar at the bottom, named MessageViewer. The editions frame should then populate. If it still does not then please click the orange Report Problem button, then either click the Red Register button near the top of the form or, if not present, click on App Manager and do CTRL-K on your keyboard. Go back to Step 9.

If App Manager fails to load at all or gives you an error message then you have to Reinstall:

Close App Manager. Be sure to right click on the icon in the taskbar, lower right corner, and select Exit.

Do Start > Computer. Open the C drive, to the BTPro folder. Click on the Packages folder. Over in the right window you will see a list of files, one of which is BT_AppMgrSetup. Double-click on this file to run, select Repair when given a choice.  Finish the installation, then open App manager on your desktop.

If it still fails to run then you have to uninstall BookTrakker App Manager, then login to the page and redownload App Manager. and install again.



If you are a new user select Trial in the Choose BookTrakker Edition frame. If you are a current user you have the option to select Trial or one of the Editions. No payment amount will display in App Manager if you select Trial. Nor will payment start until you select an Edition other than Free or Trial, and you click the payments button. Trial enables you to access all features of BookTrakker including Network, selecting an Edition may limit what functions are enabled or not. 

CAVEAT: If you select an Edition then you will be agreeing to a 3 month subscription for that Edition when you start payments. Do not select an Edition unless you are certain you want to subscribe to it. All users will get 30 days of free subscription whether they pay immediately or run through the 30 day trial period. 

Once you have everything installed and running you can select the Edition you want if you want to see what the cost will be.  


After making your selection click the Submit Changes and Check for Updates button. Your request will be submitted to the server, then a message will appear confirming.


Click the Download and Install Apps and Updates button.

This will start the download and installation of BookTrakker and all current applications associated with BookTrakker. At present there is BookTrakker and four applications, in the following order: BookTrakker Utilities, BookTrakker, CheckIt, GrabIt and UploadIt.


BT Utilities will download and install.


BookTrakker will download and install.

Install BookTrakker as a Single Computer or Network Server if you only have one computer or if more than one and you are not installing as a Network. If you have a Network you install as Network Server on the main computer and additional installations as a Network client.

If you get a window warning you that some applications need to be closed click the second option “Do not close applications." (A reboot will be required.)

You do not have to reboot after installation.

If you get a 339 error anytime during the installation then click OK, click Finish, then go HERE to fix the 339 error.


CheckIt will download and install.


GrabIt will download and install.


UploadIt will download and install.


After installation of BookTrakker and all the apps a message box will appear indicating that the installation is complete. Read the rest of the message as it pertains to your use of BookTrakker for uploads to Amazon or access to Amazon data.(Step 22) Click OK. App Manager closes.


Run BookTrakker off your desktop to verify it will run and to update a previous installation if you are a current user. Check to make sure everything is OK.


If you want to do anything Amazon, including uploads, acquiring data from Amazon or Importing Amazon Data then you must have a Pro Merchant account at Amazon, and you need to have an Amazon service entry in the Online section of BookTrakker. 

If we are going to be importing your data then wait to do the following instructions until we return your data in a BookTrakker database file. You are done with the installation, please email us at  

If you are a previous user of BookTrakker that has updated an earlier version and already upload to Amazon then read IMPORTANT below, and if it doesn't apply go onto the next step. Otherwise:

Open BookTrakker. Click the Online button at the top. The Online screen opens. Click the New Service button at the bottom left corner. Where it says Select or Type in New Service click the dropdown button on the right and select your Amazon service. Click Next. Click Finish. Then check the checkbox under Active where you see your Amazon service in the list of Online Services. This is important. Do not skip this step.

You can add one each of the different Amazon services if you also have separate Pro Merchant accounts for each. Make sure they are all checked as Active. 

Close BookTrakker with the X in the upper right corner. 

IMPORTANT: Only ONE Amazon per site entry is allowed. Only one instance of Amazon US and/or Amazon CA and/or Amazon UK. If you have more than one identical entry then determine which one is the correct one and delete the others. To delete rows select the row you want to delete by clicking on the gray square to the left of the service name so the row is highlighted, then press the Delete key on your keyboard. 

You MUST do this before the next step. 


Register with Amazon MWS. You need to do this step even if you have previously registered with Amazon MWS as you need to get your use of BookTrakker registered for Amazon MWS also.

BookTrakker must be closed when you do this, and any Amazon services must be checked as Active. 

Double click the App Manager icon on your desktop to open it. It will load in the lower right corner of your taskbar, with a message asking you to click it to open. Do so.

App Manager opens. At the lower left is the Amazon MWS Seller Account Registration button. To the right is another button leading to online help for this if necessary. Click the Amazon MWS Seller Account Registration button. The AmazonMWS form appears. The selection defaults to Amazon US, if this is where you list click the Register with Amazon button at the bottom. Otherwise select a different Amazon and click the Register with Amazon button. (If you sell on multiple Amazon sites you have to do this for each service.)

The Sign in page opens up, fill in your Amazon email and password and click the Sign In button. (Two Step Verification may appear, if so follow directions) The Amazon license page will open. Check the box, click Next. Reading the license/page is optional.

A new page opens explaining that BookTrakker can now access Amazon. A success message pops up confirming this. Click the OK on the message, close the page and close the AmazonMWS form. (If you have more than one Amazon service then select it and click the Register with Amazon button at the bottom and repeat the registration.)

You are now registered with Amazon and can start using BookTrakker 3.7 for anything Amazon. Close all forms.

Verify that the above process worked by opening BookTrakker. Click New record at the bottom right corner, click OK, then click on the Keywords tab at the bottom, then into the ISBN field. Type or scan in an ISBN, press Enter on your keyboard. If data appears then the registration was successful. Click the Cancel button, lower left corner.


ISBN lookup using Amazon data: Open BookTrakker. Open GrabIt on the Apps button at the top. If you  do not see Apps then you can open GrabIt from the icon on your desktop. Click the Settings tab. Select the Amazon service you want to use as your data source. Click the Formatting tab to set Author/Title formatting for BookTrakker ISBN lookup. The BookTrakker tab also controls some data in BookTrakker ISBN/ASIN lookup, such as Size. Close GrabIt.

You can do ISBN/ASIN lookup in BookTrakker during New Record mode. Type, copy/paste or scan in the ISBN/ASIN into their respective fields on the Keywords tab, press Enter. Data will fill out at the top.

You can also use GrabIt for ISBN/ASIN lookup. See the Help in GrabIt.


ISBN lookup without Amazon data is available through  Open BookTrakker.

Do Tools > Options > ISBN at the top. Click ISBNdb Help, follow instructions.


VERY IMPORTANT! Run BookTrakker by double clicking on the BookTrakker icon on your desktop. Looks like a shelf of books with a magnifying glass in front. When BookTrakker opens please do User Information at the top, then User Information again. Then fill in the email field with your email address. Close the form.


FBA Sellers. Please click here to Import/Update Amazon Data.



Problem: GrabIt runs but does not operate correctly, such as data not transferring to BookTrakker. 

Close BookTrakker. Do Start > Computer. Open the C drive, the the BTPro folder. Click on the Packages folder. Over in the right window you will see a list of files, one of which is BTGrabItSetup. Double-click on this file to run, select Repair when given a choice.  Finish the installation, then open BookTrakker. Open GrabIt and verify that it works.


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