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Backup and Restore Utility 2.0 and 2.1 ONLY: Download and Install

Print these instructions before downloading the file.
1. Connect to the Internet.
2. Download SendDBsetup.exe 
3. Click Open when given a choice to Open or Save. 
4. After file has downloaded, follow installation instructions, installing in the C:\BTPro folder, or if you have BookTrakker installed elsewhere, then in the equivalent BTPro folder.
5. Installing the SendDB program will create three new icons on your desktop that look like satellite dishes. One for Backup, one for Restore, one for SendDB.
6. To perform a Backup, close BookTrakker, doubleclick the Backup icon, and tell it where you want the backup to be stored. This can be a location on your Hard Drive or onto a Zip disk. The Backup utility backs up your database to the Windows Temp folder, then copies this file over to wherever you want it. If the copy fails, you still have the Backup in the Windows Temp folder.
7. To Restore, doubleclick the Restore icon, select which files, click OK, select which Backup file to use, click OK. When you do the initial select of the files (check boxes) you have a choice of Main, Inventory, Wants (Invoices), Convert, System. Do all of them if this Restore is the result of a complete reinstallation of BookTrakker. If this Restore is because of a corrupted Inventory file, then all you need to restore is Inventory. Convert is the Import/Export instruction for importing files into BookTrakker or creating the files for Upload.

  You can always repeat the process of Restoration if you didn't get enough restored.

   This method of Backup and Restore is 100% reliable, vs the Backup built in to the program, which sometimes doesn't work.

   You will need to periodically delete old Backup files from your Hard Drive or Zip drive.