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  GrabIt! for BookTrakker - Settings                                                                      Index

  Settings Tab. Settings for Amazon searching as well as user ID.


A.    Amazon Site. Select which service you want to use for Amazon data.. Amazon UK listings are in Pounds, and GrabIt! does nothing to convert to dollars, so 10 is imported into BookTrakker as $10. Ditto for the Canadian dollar. If the user has Windows set to English (United Kingdom) or English (Canada) then there will be a direct relationship between Amazon prices and BookTrakker prices.   

     This selection also controls where the data is sourced when you do ISBN or ASIN Lookup in BookTrakker.

C.    Category. Refers to which main Condition Category you are comparing pricing to. 

D.    Repricing Password. Use this to set up a password for doing Repricing, when you operate in an environment like an open shop and do not want your employees to have unlimited access to the Repricing engine. 

E.    Confirm Password. Type in the same password as above. Then close/restart GrabIt! for the password to take effect on the Reprice tab.

F.    Exclude My Offers. Use this to exclude your offers when doing pricing or repricing. Checking Exclude My Offers means you are not pricing or repricing against yourself. 



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