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GrabIt! for BookTrakker - Search 


  GrabIt! for BookTrakker - Search.                     Tutorial                                                Index

  BookTrakker now has direct ISBN/ASIN Lookup in the program, on the Keywords tab. Bibliographical data only, no pricing. Default setup is based on GrabIt, these tabs: BookTrakker (right half only) and Formatting

Fast ISBN Scanning

  ALERT!!!    Setup defaults, including Status, on the BookTrakker tab before starting lookup.
  ALERT!!!    Click the button, lower left corner on the Inventory screen, after transferring data from GrabIt. This will allow you to see the new records. You may need to click it several times. When it does the refresh it takes you to the beginning of your database. Rec # 1 or first record.
  Search Tab. Search for data to match ASIN/ISBN/BASINís.
  1. Get ASIN/ISBN Data button. Used for ASIN lookup. Retrieves matching records from Amazon based on the ASIN input on the upper ASIN/ISBN tab.
  2. Transfer to BookTrakker button. Transfers results generated by an ASIN lookup into BookTrakker, controlled by your Template design.
  3. Clear Results button. Clears all results on the middle Search Results tab. ASIN/ISBN, Biblio (BASIN) or Reprice results. This does not affect the top input section, which will be preserved. You can change qualifications on one of the control tabs and rerun your ASIN/ISBN, Biblio (BASIN) or Reprice operation.
  4. Clear Reports button. Clears results from the Report tab for the ASIN or Reprice tabs.
  5. Batch Input button. Allows import of tab or comma delimited lists of ISBN's generated by batch scanning operations, or downloaded as such from the web.
  6. Template. The current template in use. Select from a list of Templates which one you want to use during the ASIN lookup operation. This list is also available on all of the operation tabs. Templates are composed of predefined qualifiers of data, found on the BookTrakker, Comments, Formatting, Set Prices and  Settings tabs.
  7. Description.  Description of what the selected Template is supposed to do, limited by how you describe it.
  8. Show Results button. Click this to get results after the Transferring Data message is posted after you click the Get ASIN/ISBN Data button and the request goes through to Amazon. 

The Search tab functions as the operation tab for ASIN/ISBN lookup. When you click on the ASIN/ISBN tab at the top, the Search tab is also selected.

  ASIN/ISBN lookup tab:

1. The field to the right of Book ID is your entry count, that is, how many ASINís have been typed, pasted or scanned in.

2. Below Book ID is the Book ID field from BookTrakker. As you enter an ASIN in the ASIN/ISBN field and press Enter, a new record associated with this ASIN is created in BookTrakker, and displayed in the Book ID field. If you Scan the number in then it automatically goes into the grid, no need to press Enter after entry. If the ASIN is deleted, then the Book ID will be recycled, for future use. You will not lose record numbers.

If you operate in alphanumeric mode, then GrabIt! will create a new Book ID based on the numeric ID plus any prefix or suffix you specify on the BookTrakker tab.

3. The field across from Last ISBN Digit is a check for the last digit in the ASIN/ISBN that is entered. If the last digit does not match the last digit in the ASIN you entered, then you may have entered an incorrect ASIN/ISBN. This doesnít always work, sometimes you have the correct ASIN/ISBN, but the Last ISBN Digit field is empty or displays a different last digit than what you actually have. Check to make sure your ASIN/ISBN is correct.

The Last ISBN Digit process does not apply to BASINís, ASINís that start with a B.

Example. You have 0688069444. You type in 0688969444, then press enter on your keyboard. The last digit of the correct ASIN is 4, but what is displayed in the Last ISBN digit field is 5. No match, thus you made a typing error. Go back and fix the data entry.

4. ASIN/ISBN field, below the ASIN/ISBN label. Input for ASIN/ISBN data. Can be typed in, pasted in or scanned in by a barcode reader, such as CueCat. If typed or pasted in you must press Enter on your keyboard for the ASIN to take. Scanning does this automatically.

5. Clear List button. Clears all of the ASINís in the list as well as all associated results. If you want to clear results only, then use the Clear Results button on the Search tab. Record numbers in BookTrakker will be recycled, whether for reuse with GrabIt! or in BookTrakker alone.

6. Delete Item. Select a single ASIN from the large grid above/right and click Delete Item to delete this ASIN and any associated results from your database. The Book ID will be recycled.

Warning: We have discovered a small bug in the Delete Item process. You have to wait several seconds for the record to be deleted. Depending on your computer, this could take as long as five seconds. 

7. Quantity. Quantity is a field that is hidden until you need it. No label. If you are doing ASIN/ISBN lookup and need to set Quantity on the fly for each BookTrakker record, then while the focus is in the ASIN/ISBN field, type Q on your keyboard, followed by the Quantity, (any whole number larger than 1) then the Enter key on your keyboard. You will end up with this if you have 5 copies:


After you have Quantity set, input your ASIN/ISBN number. 




   Set defaults, including Status, on the BookTrakker tab before starting lookup. 

  To do Batch Input of a list of ISBN's click the Batch Input button, find your file, select it, click Open.

ASIN/ISBN lookup tutorial:

1. Set Quantity, if necessary, for each entry. Default is 1. (Type Q, then a number, then Enter)

2. Input your ASIN/ISBN into the ASIN/ISBN field. If doing this manually, press enter after each entry. Scanning with a barcode scanner like CueCat adds each ASIN to the list automatically. The Scanner must be connected to the computer and feed it keystrokes, not batch mode.

3. Click Get ASIN/ISBN Data button on the Search tab.

4. Wait for the retrieval to finish. Depending on the number of ASINís in the list, and the Number of Offers on the Settings tab, this could take a bit of time.

 5. When the search process is finished, you will see Search results on the ASIN tab in the middle section.

When you are satisfied with the results:

6. Click Transfer to BookTrakker button.

7. To see Results in BookTrakker press the End key on your Keyboard, click the rightmost arrow >| on the Navigation bar at the bottom of BookTrakker or click the Refresh button, lower left corner of Inventory:

 then move through the records with the navigation buttons at the bottom. 


  The ASIN tab is comprised of the following sub tabs:
  1. Results. What data is collected for export to BookTrakker, plus extra data that is not. In version 1.0 we will export additional data into BookTrakker.
  To the left of each Result is a dark blue button under the Amz header:
  Clicking this button will open up a small Amazon web page for this specific ASIN. To view the page full screen, or to enlarge it, either click on the square button at the upper right, or grab an the lower right corner and drag to a larger view:
  Once you have the page the size you want, as long as you continue within this session of GrabIt! the Amazon window will remain at the size you set it at. If you maximize to full screen you need to click on GrabIt! in the task bar below to return to GrabIt!.
  2. Offers. When you click the Offers tab what is displayed are all Offers associated with each Result, up to the limit set on the Settings tab, Number of Offers:

At the top are five fields:

A. Displays the number of offers found for the result out of total offers available.

B. ASIN/ISBN for this result

C. Book ID in BookTrakker. (Rec #)

D. Author

E. Title

After Title is a navigation control that allows you to navigate between Results without having to switch back and forth between Results and Offers to change what is displayed. Click the solid arrow to move one Result up the list, or to move to the beginning. Do the same for the arrows, one down, or to the end of the list of Results.

Below these five fields is a list view of all the Offers associated with each Result, up to the limit set as Number of Offers on the Settings tab. They are sorted by price, low to high. In Version 1.0 you will be able to change the sort order.

The information included in Offers is as follows:

A. Seller Nickname. Amazon no longer supplies this information.

B. Seller Rating. Amazon now reports a range, 100% being a 5. 

C. Ratings. The number of feedback ratings that the seller has generated.

D. Condition. Same as Category on the Settings tab.

E. SubCondition. One of five possible conditions used by Amazon to describe condition.

F. ConditionNote. Sellerís Comments. Amazon no longer supplies this data. 

G. Price. The offering price for the sellerís listing.

You can adjust the width of columns or even move them during each GrabIt! session by following instructions Here
  3. Report. Reports on what ASINís were rejected. ASINís can be rejected because they are not in the Amazon database, are incorrect, there are no Offers or they fail the Exclusion Formula on the Set Prices tab.
  Report can be printed by clicking the Print Report button.
  Fast ISBN Scan Mode Instructions
  Click the BookTrakker tab.

Check the Fast ISBN Scan Mode check box.

Set your Amazon Condition as well as Book to the same. If your books are New the Amz Cond should be set to New and Book to New. Ditto for any other Condition choice.


Click the Search tab. In the upper window, in the field above the Clear List button, place your cursor and start Scanning. GrabIt will "ding" for each ISBN scanned, whether added to the lookup grid or directly to BookTrakker. 

This new version of GrabIt works with 10 or 13 digit ISBN's in BookTrakker where the books are identical and Condition is also identical. (Condition on the Amazon tab in BookTrakker) If you run CheckIt to convert 13 to 10 via Amazon GrabIt will still know that its the same book and operate according to the following rules:

If the book is new to BookTrakker then the ISBN will show up in the grid to the right of the scanning input field and a new record will be created in BookTrakker, irrespective of Condition. 

If the book has already been scanned in but you have not yet retrieved data from Amazon and transferred to BookTrakker then it will increment Quantity by one for each new book that matches an existing ISBN in the grid.

If the book has already been scanned in and is in BookTrakker then it will increment Quantity by one for each new book that matches an existing ISBN in BookTrakker, same Condition, and set the record for upload. If the Condition in BookTrakker is different then a new record will be created for the new Condition.

If the book has been Sold in BookTrakker, same ISBN, a new record will be created. See below for reusing SOLD records.

If you change Condition for a new session and you have the same ISBN in BookTrakker with a different Condition then a new record will be created.


When you are done scanning click the Get Amazon Data button and follow the instructions for using GrabIt for data retrieval.

  Reuse SKUs if SOLD
  If Reuse SKUs if SOLD is checked on the BookTrakker tab then if there are no Available records that match a scanned ISBN, same Condition but there are SOLD records, same Condition then GrabIt will change the SOLD record to AVAILABLE, set Qty to 1 and set the record for Upload. This helps to eliminate duplicate records in BookTrakker.

Reuse SKUs if SOLD ONLY works in Fast ISBN Scan Mode. 



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