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  Details Tab. Displays the contents of the List View field at the bottom of List View in BookTrakker when automated BASIN matching is performed. Field selection and formatting is controlled in BookTrakker by creating a Catalog for this purpose. In BookTrakker, click the Catalog tab, left side of the Inventory screen, then click New Catalog, name it, and then set up your definition according to the Help files, which can be accessed by pressing F1 on your keyboard. Since Catalogs are only available in the Pro and Network versions, new users should set them up before their trial runs out, if they only plan to purchase the Basic edition of BookTrakker.
  After setting up a new Catalog definition you need to do Tools > Options > Records in BookTrakker, and set the List View Template from the top dropdown list:

You will need to restart BookTrakker for this change to take place. 

The Details tab only displays the List View contents when the user is doing an automated BASIN matching operation.



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