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  GrabIt! for BookTrakker - BookTrakker                                                                 Index

  BookTrakker Tab. All of the fields on this tab control what data is set by default in BookTrakker through ASIN/ISBN lookup. For direct ISBN/ASIN Lookup in BookTrakker itself, only the right half check boxes apply.


A.    Amazon Condition: Located at the top left of the Amazon tab in BookTrakker. This is the Condition uploaded to Amazon only. Set this here to set it in BookTrakker. 

B.    Shelved: Location of book, derived from BookTrakker or typed in. The Shelved field in BookTrakker is located on the left side of the Keywords tab. 

C.    Status: The Default Status of the Record. Use anything other than Available if you do not want the record to be Available for upload in the next upload cycle. Includes a new Status, PENDING, not yet available in the dropdown list on the upper left of Detail View in BookTrakker. If you use PENDING then you will not be able to make a Hit List of Status = PENDING to effect global changes. 

D.    Cover: Otherwise known as Binding. Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, etc. You can use the Amazon Binding by selecting it from the top of the list. Caution: Many books on Amazon are listed with “Unknown Binding” and this will be exported into the Cover field in BookTrakker.

E.     Type: What qualifies this book as different from the norm? Ex-Library, Remainder, Textbooks, Book Club Edition, Trade, Mass Market PB. CD, LP, 45, DVD, DVD Audio or Video CD. Use N/A if none of the above. 

F.     Book/DJ: Condition of the Book/DJ for upload to all services, including Amazon description if you map Book/DJ into the Amazon upload file.  

G.    Quantity: Fixed Quantity, vs. on the fly Quantity, as described in the ISBN lookup process.  

Check Boxes, when checked: 

H.      Set for Upload: Sets the Upload flag for each record so that when you click Process and Upload Records on the Online page in BookTrakker the record will be uploaded to whatever services you list on.

I.    Export Size: Amazon’s Size is Thickness X Height X Width, in inches. [1.2 x 9.16 x 6.44 Inches] Not always available.

J.     Marketplace: Sets Marketplace to Yes on the Amazon tab in BookTrakker.  

K.    International: Sets International to Yes on the Amazon tab in BookTrakker.

L.    Expedite: Sets Expedite to Yes on the Amazon tab in BookTrakker.

M.    Export Image URL: Exports the Amazon image to the Image URL field in BookTrakker

N.   Export Pages: Export page count into the Pages field in BookTrakker. Warning: Page count is often wrong.

O.   Export Weight: Export weight in pounds for Amazon US or grams for Amazon UK, into the Weight field in BookTrakker. Expressed as a number only, no alpha characters. Decimals OK.

P.   Amazon UK: Sets default shipping options for on the Amazon tab in BookTrakker.

Q.   Amazon CA: Sets default shipping options for on the Amazon tab in BookTrakker.

R.  Alphanumeric Prefix and Suffix.

S.  Fast ISBN Scan Mode: Check this box to enable rapid ISBN data entry and management. See the Fast ISBN Scan Mode instructions on the bottom of the Search instructions. 

T. Reuse SKUs if SOLD: When Fast ISBN Mode is checked another box appears, Reuse SKUs if SOLD. Check this box to reuse SKU's in BookTrakker if Condition and ISBN matches and an Available record is not present. See Reuse SKUs instructions on the bottom of the Search instructions. 

  When BookTrakker is set to alphanumeric mode then two new fields will appear on the BookTrakker tab: Prefix and Suffix. You can type in either a Prefix and/or Suffix, when a new record is created the Prefix and/or Suffix will be added to the numeric record number. Numbers will be in numerical sequence, based on the Book ID field in BookTrakker. Alphanumeric users will see the RecCode (alphanumeric) in the Rec# field, upper left corner, in BookTrakker. Numeric users will see Rec # (numeric) in the Rec # field, upper left corner. For Book ID 1234, the resultant RecCode in Rec# in BookTrakker with the above Prefix/Suffix would be “Prefix1234Suffix”
  WARNING: Any setting on this tab or others will be transferred to BookTrakker. So be careful. If you don't want it, don't use it. Some settings, such as Status and Cover, leave you no choice. Some of these settings also apply to ASIN/ISBN Lookup in BookTrakker. GrabIt must be closed for the Lookup to work with the new settings.


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