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GrabIt! for BookTrakker - Basic Operating Information       Index  


Go to Index for access to each page corresponding to a tab along the bottom section in GrabIt!


GrabIt! is divided into three sections: 

  1. Top section: Input. ASIN/ISBN and Manual/Automatic Author/Title.

  2. Middle Section: Results. ASIN lookup, ASIN matching and Repricing.

  3. Bottom Section: Control and Setup.


Some Basic Definitions:  ASIN: ISBNís, ASINís & BASINís. 

ASIN: An ASIN (or ISBN for books) is a unique number used to identify each item in the store. ASINís are displayed on the product information page for each item. Stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. 

BASIN: The ASIN used for pre-ISBN books. Begins with a B  

ASIN/ISBN: 0914104071


NOTE: Before getting started, fill in your Amazon email address on the Settings tab. Searching or matching will not work without your Amazon email address. 

Search, Amazon OLR and Reprice are operational tabs. BASIN is a mixture of operation and setup. Templates, Settings, BookTrakker, Formatting, Comments and Set Prices are setup tabs. Details is strictly for display of the List View field at the bottom of List View in BookTrakker, for BASIN matching only. 

  Expanding the width of Columns:

When using the middle section results tables, you can expand the size of any column by placing your cursor on the vertical separator line between column headers:

  Hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right or left, to widen the column heading:
  Moving Columns:

If you want to rearrange column headers for the current session, then click once on a column heading, so the column is highlighted:

  Click a second time, but hold the mouse button down:
  While holding the mouse button down, drag the column to where you want it:

Drag to the immediate right of the red pointers to the left of the header you are moving. 

Resetting column location in this version is only temporary, when you close/restart GrabIt! you lose any changes you have made. This will be fixed in Version 1.0.


Editing data in grids.


You can edit price information in Results for ASIN/ISBN lookup and Repricing. Select the price you wish to edit, change it, then click elsewhere in the grid.


ASIN tab:

  Select price:
  Change selected price:
  Click elsewhere:

Export to BookTrakker, either by clicking Transfer to BookTrakker if editing ASIN/ISBN lookup data, or Export to BT if doing Reprice. Note the top row contains the price change, and that it exported into BookTrakker:



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