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UploadIt can be found by clicking Online in BookTrakker, then clicking the dropdown button to the right of Apps.

Instructions for doing the Book Loader/Listing Loader operations to either create new product detail pages on Amazon or manage them. See Book Loader for more information about what Book Loader is for.  For an explanation of how Product Detail pages work see Detail Page Control (Login required)

Click How Amazon processes Product Detail page attributes to understand what Amazon does with the information you supply in your upload files. More specifically, images.

Index of Check Boxes in UploadIt with explanations.


Amazon Upload Templates. Inventory Loader, Book Loader, Listing Loader. Found in the BTPro\Transfer folder.

Amazon.com:   AmazonUpload_1.txt

Amazon.ca:     AmazonUploadCA_1.txt

Amazon.co.uk: AmazonUploadUK_1.txt

Inventory Loader (Matching)

Inventory Loader files include only the ASIN or ISBN, Price, Quantity, whether its an add or delete, the Amazon condition Category (Used, Collectible or New), the seller's SKU (Rec #), shipping information plus the seller's description, be it compiled or direct from the Item Note field on the Amazon tab. It does not include any bibliographical information so the listings go straight to the offer page represented by the ASIN or ISBN. Inventory Loader uploads generate the least number of errors. 

Book Loader (Uploading Collectibles or for Product Detail Page Creation)

The Book Loader file includes all of the above plus Author, Title, Publisher, Cover (Binding), and Date, as well as multiple Image fields. It can also include optional fields such as Edition and Illustrator. The Book Loader template is used for Collectibles and when you need to create a new product detail page on Amazon for an ISBN that does not exist on Amazon. It is also used for when you are uploading the main Product Detail page image. Most errors derive from the Book Loader uploads, when data you have does not match data that Amazon has. 

Listing Loader (Add Images to Existing Used Offers)

The Listing Loader files are used to add Images to existing Used Offers on Amazon. You must have an ASIN or ISBN for Image URLs to be included in the upload file. (See Listing Loader on Amazon)

Image URL on the Optional tab: If you have your Image URL prefix in the Image URL Prefix field in Tools > Options > Online then BookTrakker will create the Main Image and/or Main Offer URL in the ImgURL field on the Optional tab when you scan in the image. An Image URL prefix looks like this:


The URL will contain the complete address of the site that hosts your images, everything up to the actual image name. 

You must upload your images to the hosting site that you use for the Image URL prefix prior to uploading the Image URL to a site. 

If you sell books that are published in or after 1973 that do not have an ISBN/EAN, please contact Amazon to request an exemption.

All check boxes are located in UploadIt which is accessed off the Apps button in the Online window in BookTrakker. The check boxes in UploadIt are:

Image URL
Include ISBN
Main Image URL
Upload Collectibles
Upload ASIN Weights

Explanation of Dust Jacket and Signed By


If you set Available records with no ISBN's or ASIN's to Marketplace for Amazon.com or something other than No UK for Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.ca (How-To) then UploadIt will upload records to Amazon to match against  existing records if you also have Author, Title, Cover, Publisher and Date. 

Date has to be four digits. BookTrakker will extract a four digit date from the date field if four digits are present. It will select the last four digits. So if you have [1908] 1963 then 1963 is what is uploaded to Amazon. 

Matching  is based on an exact match. If no match is found then a new product detail page will be created. For Cover to be included it must contain one of the following words (or part of a word) to be included, or, for non-book media, in Type:


Hardcover: Hard, Cloth, HB or HC
Paperback: Paperback, Soft, Wraps, SC, SB or PB
Mass Market Paperback: Mass
Spiral bound: Spiral or Metal
Plastic comb: Plastic
Leather bound: Leather
Ring bound: Ring
Pamphlet: Pamphlet
Comic: Comic
Board book: Board
Ephemera: Stationery
Magazine: Magazine
Map: Map
Sheet Music: Sheet Music
Calendar: Calendar
Diary: Diary
Library Binding: Library
Perfect Bound: Perfect
School Binding: School
Audio CD: CD
Vinyl: LP or 45 or 78 
CdRom: CDRom or CD-ROM

Type with Cover blank:

Audio CD: CD
Vinyl: LP or 45 or 78

Type with Hardcover, Softcover or Paperback present: 

Textbook Binding: Textbook

If none of the above are present in Cover or Type then the record will not be included in an upload.  

If Author or Publisher or Date is missing the record will not be included in an upload. 

This upload system only allows for default Media Mail or optional Expedite/International for Amazon.com. 

The upload filename that is created will be named AmazonUploadBL_1.txt for Amazon.com, AmazonUploadBLCA_1.txt for Canada and AmazonUploadUKBL_1.txt for Amazon.co.uk. After the upload is complete move your mouse over the Note field across from Amazon Upload Processed on the Export Log page, and wait a few seconds. A tool tip should appear giving you the full details of the upload. BookTrakker uploads an Inventory Loader file with ASIN's/ISBN's and a Book Loader file without, if any were set for upload.

This method will also manage New, Modified, On Hold or Sold records just like regular Amazon records that have ASIN's or ISBN's. If you want the ASIN or ISBN for these records you can use any of these three methods to get them:

1. Copy/Paste one by one from your Amazon Dealer Inventory into BookTrakker.
2. Use GrabIt's BASIN system to acquire the new ASIN's.
3. Use CheckIt to download them from your Amazon Inventory.

How Amazon processes Product detail page attributes:

Amazon takes the data (for the most part) on a first provided, first displayed, basis. In other words, if there is already a listing for a product, but some attributes have never been provided, then whoever/whatever data they receive for those fields will almost always be added and reconciled on the page straight away. 

Each attribute is looked at independently, so you might provide 10 attributes. If you’re not the featured seller and 8 were already present, then your two that are new will most likely go right through to the display page (the rest will be stored as your contribution for potential use down the road).  An example of this would be adding Weight to the page where it isn't already present.

When you provide a product-ID (ASIN/ISBN) that matches one for an existing listing, your contributions don’t have to match those that Amazon has, but if they’re too far off, your submission may get kicked back with a ‘matching error’ because Amazon is concerned that your product may not actually be the same as the one that Amazon has for that ASIN or ISBN.  

There are options available in the UploadIt control panel:

Edition, Illustrator, Image URL, Include ISBN, Main Image URL, Upload Collectibles and Upload ASIN Weights. These only apply to Book Loader uploads, for matching or creation of new product detail pages on Amazon. 

Checking either on of the following or any combination of Include ISBN, Main Image URL, Upload Collectibles or Upload ASIN Weights tells UploadIt to gather these records for insertion into the Book Loader file. 

We have added another file format to add images to New or Used items: Listing Loader. This enables you to add images to New or Used items on Amazon providing you have an Image URL in the ImgURL field and a Prefix URL in Tools > Options > Online in BookTrakker. You only need the one URL on the Optional tab, if you have additional images in the BTPro\Data\Images folder and they have been uploaded to your hosting site then UploadIt will create additional offer image URLs on the fly and include them in the upload file.

Checking Edition and/or Illustrator adds Edition or Illustrator to the Amazon Book Loader file for ASIN creation. Checking Edition will also  enable Edition to be included in the bullet display for Edition for Collectible listings. Caveat: If either of these two boxes are checked when you do an Include ISBN or Collectibles upload, then the data you have must match Amazon's exactly to avoid a reject or create a new product detail page. Edition must match what Amazon has on the Product Detail page, otherwise you will get a processing error. 

Image URL
:. For sellers approved to sell Collectibles or Used. You can upload up to five images for Collectible listings as long as the main image includes a full URL in the ImgURL field on the Optional tab in BookTrakker and the record has an ASIN or ISBN. Listing Loader allows for up to six images for Used. You do not need to create additional image URL's for Amazon. Images must be uploaded to your hosting site prior to the Amazon upload. Collectible records must be set for Collectible on the Amazon tab. For this to work for Collectible listings you check both Image URL and Upload Collectibles in UploadIt. 

If you just want to add images to Used listings then check Image URL only. The record must have an ASIN or ISBN to upload images for Used listings. 

If you have your Image URL prefix in the Image URL Prefix field in Tools > Options > Online then BookTrakker will create the Main Image and/or Main Offer Image URL in the ImgURL field on the Optional tab when you scan in the image. You only need the one URL on the Optional tab, if you have additional images in the BTPro\Data\Images folder and they have been uploaded to your hosting site then UploadIt will create additional offer image URLs on the fly and include them in the upload file.

Checking Include ISBN adds the ISBN to the file so you can create product detail pages with an ISBN that is not in Amazon's database. There is an ISBN in the book, that ISBN is nowhere to be found on Amazon, so when you create the record in BookTrakker you include the ISBN. Then you check Include ISBN in UploadIt, close it, then do your upload to Amazon. This uses the Book Loader file template. Include ISBN unchecks itself after the upload. You don't want it to remain checked as that would cause future records to be uploaded via the Book Loader file instead of Inventory Loader. There are many more problems with errors uploading with the Book Loader template. We recommend that you do ISBN product detail page creation by itself, not with the upload of other records to Amazon. So do your upload to all services, then create the new records with an ISBN in BookTrakker, check Include ISBN in UploadIt, upload again to all services.

Checking Main Image URL adds the ImgURL to the main-image-url field in the Book Loader file, which either replaces the existing image on the product detail page or adds it in if there isn't one. It will only replace the existing image if its not a valid image for the item.

Upload Collectibles does just that. Click Collectible to go to Amazon Collectibles page. Any records set for upload that are also Collectible on the Amazon tab will be uploaded as a Book Loader file only, to include the ASIN or ISBN if present, as well as Author, Title, Publisher, Cover and Date, as well as Edition, Signed by and DJ information. As noted above, if your data does not match Amazon's data then one of two possible results will happen: The record is rejected or a new product detail page is created. You need to check Upload Collectibles in UploadIt for it to work. This means that if you upload with an ASIN or ISBN then your data MUST match Amazon's data, otherwise you get an error message after upload, in your Amazon account:

"Error SKU '1234' appears to correspond to ASIN X, but some of the information submitted does not match the product information that is already in the Amazon catalog for that ASIN."

You need to correct the information in your record so it matches Amazon's data. Or delete the ASIN or ISBN to create a new product detail page. Amazon is very unforgiving!

For best operation you should do all uploads of records with ASIN's/ISBN's that exist on Amazon as well as records without ASIN's/ISBN's, then do an upload of records where you want to create product detail pages with a real ISBN. We may decide later to improve this depending on feedback from users.

UploadIt also has two important fields in the Book Loader file for Collectible books: Signed by and DJ. If the book is signed then Amazon will post that on the offer page. Ditto for DJ, according to the following fixed mapping: 

None = No Dust Jacket
AN, F+, F = Like New Dust Jacket
NF, VG+, VG, VG- = Very Good Dust Jacket
G+ and G = Good Dust Jacket
Fair and P = Acceptable Dust Jacket.  

When you do your first Amazon upload the Export Log Note will read something to the effect of:
Uploaded 0 New, 0 Modified, and X Sold/Removed, and 0 Repriced Records. Inventory Loader File Created. Total Records Exported: X; Uploaded 0 New, X Modified, and 0 Sold/Removed, Book Loader Upload File Created. Total Records Exported: X where X = the number of records. since X = X nothing has changed with respect to the number of listings on Amazon, other than you may have added more, depending on how many new records are created.

Because of the design of the AmazonUploader control before we added in the new Book Loader process Book Loader records will show up as Sold in the Inventory Loader file, but will not be processed as such on Amazon, since there is no ASIN or ISBN for Amazon to process.

WARNING: Be careful not to set ARC's or Proof copies to upload to Amazon if you are not approved for Collectible selling. If you are approved, ARC's or Proofs are only allowed if the book is out of print.

Here is a Hit List to find all records where ASIN and ISBN are blank, and no Advance Review copies. Repeat the Edition selection below the Advance Review Copy for Proof and any other items where you have ARC. (Some users have Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) that was imported from Homebase.) Make sure you check the Not column for the Edition exclusion selections. 

To set these records for upload to Amazon:

Click the Hit Lists tab on the left again. Click the Action tab, upper right. Click on Amazon on the left. Click the dropdown button under Amazon under the Action tab, upper right. Select Marketplace. (Amz UK Ship for UK. Set the choice in the Values field below) Check the Yes box. click Execute. Confirm. Upload to Amazon. This same procedure is used to set shipping options, such as Expedite or International.

Upload ASIN Weights uploads the Weight field at the lower right corner of the Prices tab to update the weight on the product detail page if it doesn't already have a weight. It does this through the upload of the Book Loader template, providing that the Weight field is a positive number, larger than 0. Upload ASIN Weights is unchecked after each upload. 

You need to make sure you have your Weight Unit selected in Tools > Option > Records.

It takes Amazon awhile to process the change to the product detail page. As long as 30 minutes depending on what time of day the upload is done, and how busy the day is. 

WARNING: The downside to this feature is when the bibliographical data in Author, Title, Publisher, Date or Cover does not match the product detail page for the respective ISBN or ASIN. Amazon being Amazon you invariably will get a NEW page created with just your one listing offered, and the page you were trying to update does not get updated. You then have to go into your Inventory on Amazon find the new record, click the Actions link, then click Delete Product and Listing. This will delete the new product detail page. You have to wait at least 24 hours before reuploading the record from BookTrakker after making changes to the field(s) that differed from the original product detail page you wanted to update. You can always change them back once the page has been updated. 

Explanation of Dust Jacket and Signed By:

Signed-By: Used for collectible books to indicate the contributor role of the book's autographer. This is a text field limited to 50 characters. Possible options are: author, illustrator, editor, photographer, other, etc. For more information on this field, see: Amazon Collectible Attributes. If anything other than Author, Illustrator, Editor, Photographer is in the Signed By field in BookTrakker then Signed By in the offer will be Other. 

Dust-Jacket: Used for collectible books. This field requires a numeric value. These are your options:

0 = No Dust Jacket  (None)
1 = Like New  (AN, F+, F, NF)
2 = Very Good  (VG+, VG, VG-)
3 = Good  (G+, G)
4 = Acceptable  (FAIR, P)

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