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BookTrakker Inventory Management System

BookTrakker is a Software Subscription Product that makes it easy to enter Book Description Data, price books, and then list them on a variety of Online Services with the press of a single Button. For those with a subscription to our ImageIt Image Management System The Upload Process will automatically upload any Images associated with the Book and then insert the Image URL into the Listing such that any images will appear on the Listing.

A large toolkit provides support for Repricing, Ebay HTML Description, Catalog creation, Amazon FBA, Shopify Ecommerce sites and much more, some of this functionality provided via ScanIt! for BookTrakker at an additional cost.

Combine all this with constant development of new features, the best Customer Support in the Industry, a strong focus on ease of use despite the power of the program, and BookTrakker is by far the best and most complete Book Inventory Management System on the Market today.
BookTrakker Inventory Details Form
BookTrakker Main Screen

The Inventory Details Screen provides a means to enter Book Detail Data in the order you set up in the Custom Tab Order that you define.

There are a host of Default Values that can be set to ease Data Entry, and support for scanning an ISBN into the ISBN Field to retrieve data from Amazon simplifies Data Entry for those with an Amazon Sellers Account

The information provided from Amazon helps speed data entry significantly.
List View
Inventory List View

The Inventory List View provides a means of quickly scrolling through records with a tabular view. The Verify Button is used to confirm records set for Upload, this helps to prevent inadvertently uploading a record that you do not intend to list at the time you upload.

Hit Lists
Hit Lists

Hit Lists allow you to select Fields to apply Search Criteria to in order to select a subset of Records for various purposes. Hit Lists can be used to make wholesale changes to Field Values for a set of associated records - for example, it might make sense to increase the price of a certain class of books in response to some event in the world, or in order to reduce the price to move them more quickly. This powerful system provides multiple ways in which to update and modify large number of records with ease.

Hit Lists can also be used to drive Catalog Creation, Export Data, Select Records for listing on Ebay and much more.

Watch a Video Demonstrating Hit Lists

Watch a video with more details on Hit Lists

The BookTrakker Catalog Creation Tool provides the ability to select Book Table Fields for use in generating Catalogs or Descriptions of Books for use in Online Listings and other areas where such a format may be useful

Catalogs can be driven by Hit Lists which offer control of what records to be included in the Catalog.
Wants Management

Click Link to see the BookTrakker Wants Manager >>>

BookTrakker  is a subscription product.  The Monthly Charge varies based on Edition and number of Computers, ranging from as little as $10/mo for Collectors up to $25/mo for a Network Server. Most Professional 
Some functionality requires an Amazon Pro Merchant account to work.

Download BookTrakker Here

Additional information and help tutorials
are accessible from within the BookTrakker Program by clicking on the Help button on most forms.

BookTrakker is a Desktop Program based on Microsoft Windows

BookTrakker performs several operations, some using the Amazon database:

  1. ISBN Lookup - Obtain Book Biblio Data by entering or scanning an ISBN.  Data is retrieved from Amazon and used to populate various record fields.

  2. Order Processing - Download Orders from several sites including Amazon, ABE, Ebay and Biblio.  Books are marked Sold, a Pick List is generated and can be printed and the Upload is performed, all done with a few button clicks

  3. Label Printing - Print Barcode Labels with SKU or FNSKU. 

  4. FBA Mode - Optimized for use with Amazon FBA.

  5. Ebay Description Editor - provides an Advanced HTML based Editor for creating and editing Ebay HTML Descriptions.

We have a User Group  for discussions of operation and  announcements. 
To join, click this link user group and after the Yahoo! page opens, click the Join This Group!, button located at the upper right of the screen. 

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