Network Setup For Client Machines After Setting the C driver or BTPro/Data Folder to Full Sharing

On the Server Computer: Vista, Win 7 and Win 8


After setting up a network of your computers you need to make sure the Client Computer is mapped to the Server. This is the final step that most network setups are missing.


On each client computer Click Start, click on Computer


At the top is Map Network Drive. Click it. A form opens up. For most users the default drive is Z. Click the Browse button and navigate to either the C drive or the BTPro/Data folder on the C drive on the server. When the Data folder is selected click OK at the bottom. Click Finish, lower right corner.


To verify that you have the Network setup correctly do Start > Computer again.


You should see Windows Explorer open up to something similar to this:



In this example the Client is mapped to the C drive on the Server, as drive Z on the Client machine. If you do not see drive Z or similar grouped with the other drive letters above the network icon then you have not setup your network correctly.